Our Mission Statement

We are fact-finders, we are truth seekers, and we exist to empower people to effect positive change in society.

Our Purpose

To harness factual, and evidence-based social media information that forms the foundation of our work.

To combat online misinformation used to distort narratives, undermine democracies, and threaten elections.

To generate healthy and respectful debate and dialogue, to stimulate much-needed conversations around serious issues affecting our society.

To encourage and grow active citizenry.

To help facilitate positive social and environmental change.

To attempt to effect narrative and behavioural change around issues of key social concern.

Values statement

CABC innovates and acts in service of the public good and undertakes all its operations in the spirit of collaboration, integrity and transparency. We adopt a progressive stance on the society, politics and the environment, while striving to maintain a non-partisan, evidence-based approach in everything we do.

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